Wild Child is an artisan in premium natural, organic & therapeutic product development located in Australia.

We’re TGA-licenced and the preferred supplier for a range of organisations, from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare providers.

What we stand for

Natural Purity

Natural, raw ingredients
from sustainable

Scientific Perfection

ingredients that
meet the highest
regulatory standards.

The Australian Standard

A trusted supplier
you can count on for
quality products on

A Wild Side

We love supporting
brands ready to delight
their customers with
something unique.

Our leadership Team

Leanne Preston

Founder & CEO

Leanne’s career in pharmaceuticals started when she recognised the need for a natural head lice treatment back in 1997. She has since steered Wild Child from humble beginnings in her kitchen to a company that markets products in more than 50,000 stores worldwide.

John Found

Director & Formulation Chemist

John was the original director of Harper Point Pty Ltd and was responsible for the development of more than 400 drug and cosmetic products over a career spanning over 30 years. Today, as Wild Child’s Technical Director John is responsible for overseeing product development and regulatory affairs.

Beata Malickova

Research & Development Manager and Formulation Chemist

Beata is responsible for product formulation, customer liaison, materials sourcing and technology transfer. She has more than 20 years experience in drug and cosmetic manufacture as well as quality management and formulation.

Mary-Ann Rennie

New Business Development

Mary-Ann is responsible for our business development, client relationship building and management. Mary-Ann has over 14 years of commercial and professional services experience across various industries both within Government and the Private Sector. Experience includes contract management and negotiation, project management, human resources and internal audit.

Our Origin

In 1997 Leanne Preston, having discovered the gold standard head lice treatment at the time
was a pesticide, developed Australia’s first naturally based head lice treatment. Leanne was
inspired by the potential for safer, more natural remedies and so the Quitnits head lice
treatments were born. Quitnits grew into Australia’s leading head lice brand,
available in stores around the world.

In 2009, Wild Child joined forces with John Found, the scientist behind Harper Point Pty Ltd.
In doing so, Wild Child acquired a portfolio of more than 300 personal care and pharmaceutical
formulations. Additionally, the acquisition augmented research and development capabilities
taking Wild Child from the Australian Exporter of the Year to the go-to manufacturing partner
for the world’s most impressive global brands.

Our Brands

We are a highly qualified team of experts with a passion for premium, natural and organic
products. We also have the industry experience to formulate, develop and manufacture skin
care and over the counter and TGA registered pharmaceuticals for the global marketplace.
That’s why we operate under two distinct brands –
Wild Child Laboratories and Wild Child Cosmeceuticals

Wild Child Laboratories has become the preferred supplier for a range of organisations from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare providers manufacturing over-the-counter medical products for hospital consumables and the retail pharmacy arena alike. Recently being awarded a contract to produce clinical-grade hand sanitiser for Western Australia’s State Hospitals, delivering over 200,000 bottles.

Wild Child offer the highest quality cosmeceutical skin care in Australia. Offering a combination of evidence-based research, ethical practices and years of technical experience to deliver cosmeceutical skin care in Australia. Our speciality is working with scientifically validated pure, natural raw materials with proven efficacy. Producing skincare and cosmetics for brands such as Mecca and Target Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose Wild Child?
We manufacture products that are as close to nature as we possibly can. Our certifications also means that you do not have to worry about what you can or cannot say on your labels.
What are the normal times for production and delivery?
Most projects take about 12 weeks to complete
Are there minimum order quantities in order for my product to be manufactured?
For products between 100mL and 500mL the minimum order quantity is 5,000 units. In some cases, for example tube production, the minimum order quantity is 10,000 units. In these circumstances we ask that the client purchase the surplus 5,000 empty tubes which we will credit on the following order