How Do You Manufacture Cosmetic Products?

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Are you considering launching a new cosmetics business? Or maybe you’re considering introducing a new cosmetics offering to complement your existing product lines? Whatever your plans involve, a crucial part of launching a new cosmetic product is working out how you’ll manufacture it.

The cosmetics industry is a highly competitive landscape and your manufacturing processes will be crucially important to your success—but how do you manufacture cosmetic products? 

Here we discuss the various manufacturing options available to you so you can determine the best way to get your products to market.

How Do You Manufacture Cosmetic Products: The Options

There are two main ways to manufacture cosmetic products in Australia. These include:

  • establishing a production facility and manufacturing them yourself, or
  • outsourcing production to a contract makeup manufacturer.

Each of these options is vastly different, so it’s important to carefully consider which manufacturing method will best suit your needs.

Self-Manufacturing Cosmetics

Self-manufacturing means you will assume end-to-end responsibility for your manufacturing and production processes. 

Self-manufacturing can seem like a viable option for some businesses, particularly if you’re just starting out with low volume production—however, there is a lot involved with choosing this production method. 

If you opt to self-manufacture, some of the responsibilities you will need to assume include:

  • Developing your product concepts and sourcing and producing your packaging.
  • Developing your product formulations, ensuring all compliance obligations are met, including confirming that your products are in fact cosmetics and not therapeutic goods, and ensuring any chemical ingredients are permitted for use in Australia (and any other location you plan to sell your products).
  • Establishing a suitable manufacturing facility, including sourcing suitable equipment and ensuring products will be manufactured in line with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This includes ensuring the lab is appropriately sanitised, ventilated, temperature controlled, dust-free and properly equipped to monitor both air and water quality.
  • Ensuring your products meet all regulatory, safety, claims and labelling obligations.
  • Implementing suitable quality control testing procedures, such as stability, chemical and microbiological testing.

Outsourcing Production to a Makeup Manufacturer

Outsourcing production involves contracting a specialist makeup manufacturer to manufacture your cosmetic products for you.

Working closely with you, a makeup manufacturer can help you create your cosmetic product concepts, develop your product formulations, design your packaging and manufacture your products on your behalf. 

For many businesses, outsourcing to a cosmetics manufacturer is the preferred option for a range of reasons, including:

  • Faster time to market – The product development process is dramatically shortened, allowing you to get your products to market much faster.
  • Reduced risk – Makeup manufacturers can offer their expert advice and guidance to help you create a product to suit your requirements.
  • At scale production – Products can be manufactured on a production scale at speed using large mixing vessels and fit-for-purpose equipment.
  • GMP compliance – Products are manufactured in purpose-built facilities designed to meet GMP requirements.
  • Superior quality control – Rigorous quality testing procedures and automated batching guarantees product consistency and quality. 
  • Private labelling – Product packaging and labelling can be produced to your exact specifications.
  • Less hassle – The entire process is managed by the manufacturer, allowing you to focus your attention on marketing, distribution and other business activity.

Looking for a Cosmetics Manufacturer in Australia?

If outsourcing your cosmetics manufacturing seems like the logical option for your business, speak to the team at Wild Child. 

From developing the concept for your cosmetic product to product formulation, manufacturing and packaging, we can walk you through the entire cosmetic manufacturing process and help you get your new products to market sooner.

Find out more about our cosmetics manufacturing services or contact us to get started developing your cosmetics product.