How to find a skincare manufacturer

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How to find a skincare manufacturer

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with dreams of breaking into the skincare industry or you hail from an already-established business that’s looking to diversify its product portfolio with a skincare offering, finding the right manufacturer to produce your products can seem like a daunting task—however, it needn’t be. 

While there are a plethora of manufacturers out there to choose from, finding a skincare manufacturer that is a good fit for your business doesn’t need to be complicated.

In fact, we’ve made it simple with this step-by-step guide that breaks down the various steps involved in finding a skincare manufacturer, so you can navigate the process with confidence.

Finding a skincare manufacturer: Step-by-step

Step 1: Research your options

First of all, you’ll need to create a shortlist of manufacturers that you think could be suitable options. 

Doing a quick Google search to find out what options are out there is always a good place to start, but nothing can compare to the power of a word-of-mouth referral. If you have any connections with experience in the skin care industry, ask if they can recommend any manufacturers they’ve had a good experience with.

Ideally, you want to look for a manufacturer with experience making the same type of products you want to produce that can meet your expectations in terms of service, manufacturing capacity, product quality, turnaround time and affordability.

Step 2: Set up a meeting

When you find a manufacturer that seems like a good fit, the next step is to set up a meeting. 

This meeting is your opportunity to submit a brief outlining exactly what it is that you want them to produce. If you’ve already developed ideas about the product you want, this shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re yet to develop your ideas for the product and need help from the manufacturer to do this, try to include as much information as you can by detailing your brand values, the product concept and any ingredients you do or don’t want to include.

In some cases, the manufacturer may offer a private labelling service, which allows you to select a product that meets your needs from a catalogue of ready-to-go product formulations they’ve already developed in-house. This can be a great option if you want to bypass much of the product development phase and get your products to market quickly.

Step 3: Review samples and refine the product

The manufacturer will then review your brief, and if accepted, they will produce samples of the product according to your brief for you to review.

Then it will be up to you to provide feedback to the manufacturer about how well the product sample meets your expectations and work with them to refine the formulation to ensure it hits the mark. 

During this stage, you will be able to receive guidance on packaging and artwork and any outstanding items to progress towards production can be addressed. 

Step 4: Start manufacturing your products

Once you’re happy and all contracts are signed, the manufacturer can start manufacturing your products and ship them to you ready for sale.

Take the easy road and contact Wild Child

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