A sample of
our wild secrets

Australia’s remoteness means we have unique botanicals and fragrances you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve become experts in combining unique essences with the world’s finest ingredients to create cosmetics that surprise and delight customers
locally and abroad.

Kakadu Plum

– Terminalia ferdinandiana
The hidden fruit from Australia’s Top End. Creamy white flowers blossom into tiny purple fruits that have been a delicacy of Indigenous Australians for millennia.
• Assists in the reduction of UV damage
• Assists in the reduction of pigmentation
• Assists in collagen preservation
• Packed with Vitamin C

Desert Quangdong

– Santalum acuminatum
Hardy survivor of Australia’s driest regions. Quandong gathers nutrients from the roots of surrounding plants, creating an incredible blend of Australian native essences.
• Assists in the reduction of fine lines
• Natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids
• High in Vitamin C


– Kunzea pomifera
The “emu apple”, with a juniper essence.
A ground-hugging shrub with tiny, egg-shaped fruit.
• Assists in natural hydration
• Assists in natural absorption support
• Assists in collagen preservation

Lemon Myrtle

– Backhousia citriodora
Queen of the lemon herbs.
Blossoms like white fireworks. Crush the leaves to discover its hidden, deli
• Assists in cell regeneration
• Assists in skin whitening
• Traditional medicine