We provide regulatory affairs and TGA
compliance along with stability testing

Regulatory Compliance

Natural products still need to be tested
We are increasingly making use of more natural and organic products in our daily lives, and this extends to beauty products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. We are beginning to realise that by harnessing the power of nature, we can produce effective products that also have the ability improve general health and wellbeing.

However, even though some product ingredients are listed as natural, there are still processes in place to determine if these components are suitable for customers to use, and for workers to produce. Although these products are natural, they are still treated as industrial chemicals and therefore need to be evaluated.
The Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration TGA assesses these risks to ensure the safety of every entity involved in the product’s lifecycle process, including the environment.

As a TGA-licenced company, we have a combined experience of over 30 years in the ethical health and beauty industry. We combine science with traditional medicine, as well as develop contemporary formulations while also making use of the latest natural and organic trends to produce high-quality products.

However, simply producing these products for our clients is not enough. We need to ensure that each product is functional and that it complies with the necessary regulations. Our expert team can help with this.

Each of our resident chemists have extensive experience in, and knowledge of, the pharmaceutical
industry. They are more than ready to assist our clients in the registration of medicines and devices on:
• FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)
• TGA (Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration)
• EMEA (European Medicines Agency)
• MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency)

Wild Child will be there every step of the way to ensure that your product is adhering to the required and necessary regulatory frameworks. Our experience, ranging from proprietary drugs and hospital generics, through to specialist cosmeceuticals, means that we will definitely be able to assist you and your business.

Stability Testing

Our FDA and TGA certifications mean that we produce and package these products without compromising on quality and safety.

The importance of stability testing
Stability testing in the cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical industries is essential, but it is also
time-consuming. This is because the process involves your product to be stored and repeatedly tested for years to determine its reaction to time and external stimuli such as natural and artificial light
exposure. It also looks into environmental reactions such as humidity and temperature.

These reactions relate to any changes in the physical makeup or form of the product, as well as any
variations in its chemical composition. In addition, an important part of stability testing is establishing and validating published expiry dates. The only way to do this is to repeatedly test the product for
degradation during its proposed shelf life, which could take months and even years.

The results of stability testing will also allow you to determine how effective your product is once
exposed to these stimuli, as well as the quality and integrity of the product.

Even though some forms of stability testing continues for years, Wild Child also offers accelerated
studies which serve as predictor models for concurrent trials. This is an ideal option for products that have a marketing deadline, or where the packaging of the product is a concern. In fact, our helpful
Permeation Predictor model can actually save hundreds of hours of real-time studies,
hours that could be put to better use in your business.

Establishing a stability profile is an important part of any product’s development life cycle.
HereAt Wild Child, we are manufacturers of a wide range of high quality skin care and personal care products.
We to create our products with natural ingredients and avoid using preservatives

We can assist with regulatory compliance on your behalf
Stability testing in the cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical industries is essential. But it is also
Providing high-quality cosmetic and pharmaceutical products is an important undertaking.
Not only do you need to ensure that your products perform effectively, you also need to make sure
that they comply with certain government regulations.

We also assist our clients with barcode certifications.
In fact, we will go one step further and handle the process with these organisations on behalf of our valued clients, leaving them more time to work on their business.

Aside from helping our clients with the initial registration process, we offer continued support by keeping abreast of any regulatory changes in the industry, and ensuring that our clients’ products remain compliant.

We’ll make sure that all of the product information is correct and more importantly, backed by science.
In addition, we will check your actual product packaging to confirm that it falls in line with any
and all legal requirements.

Keeping record of your product information is essential in ensuring that each item is always in compliance with any regulation or law. This is why we also offer to organise and maintain all of this information in an easy-to-read and comprehensive document. In having this report, you’ll be able to easily and efficiently access any product information you may require.

These services have helped some of our clients to supply the global market, with their products being sold in the USA, UK, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain.

If you’d like to take your product and your brand to an international level, contact us now.
We’d be delighted to help you get there.