What is a cosmetic manufacturer?

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If you’ve got a great idea for a cosmetic product but aren’t entirely sure how to turn your idea into a market-ready product, a cosmetic manufacturer is the answer—but exactly what is a cosmetic manufacturer and do you really need one?

Let’s take a closer look at what a cosmetic manufacturer does so you can decide if engaging one is the right decision for your business.

An introduction to cosmetic manufacturing

In short, a cosmetic manufacturer manufactures cosmetic products. This could include makeup products (such as foundation, mascara, lipstick etc.) or it may also extend to face and skincare products, haircare products and other toiletries.

While the services provided by a cosmetic manufacturer can differ between manufacturers, a manufacturer typically performs all or most of the operational functions involved in the production of various cosmetic products, including formulation, filling, packaging and labelling.

While some boutique manufacturers may specialise in small-batch cosmetic production, cosmetic manufacturers generally produce products on a large scale.

Do you really need a cosmetic manufacturer?

If you plan to produce and sell cosmetic products on a commercial scale, a cosmetic manufacturer is essential.

While some small or start-up cosmetic businesses may opt to self-manufacture their products, self-manufacturing can be very challenging. Not only will you need to establish a suitable manufacturing facility that is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant, but you’ll also need to:

  • develop your product concepts and formulations
  • establish reliable quality testing mechanisms
  • source your packaging, and 
  • ensure you meet all regulatory, safety, claims and labelling obligations.

Without ample knowledge and experience in cosmetic manufacturing, self-manufacturing your products may not make good business sense. In most cases, engaging a cosmetic manufacturer is the smarter approach. 

Outsourcing your manufacturing will not only mean that your business will benefit from their specialist knowledge and expertise, but the lower upfront investment required to produce your products generally also means less risk. Outsourcing your production also allows you to free up more of your own time and resources to focus on other aspects of your business such as marketing, sales and distribution, and it can also help you get your products to market sooner.

How do you work with a cosmetic manufacturer?

Cosmetic manufacturers can work in a couple of different ways. These generally include:

  • Bring your own formulation – If you’ve already developed your product formulation/s, provided the formulation complies with quality, regulatory and technical requirements, the manufacturer can produce your products to match your specifications.
  • Private labellingMany cosmetic manufacturers will have a portfolio of already developed product formulations for you to choose from that are ready for you to add your customised branding and packaging to.
  • New formulation development – You can work in collaboration with the manufacturer to develop new product formulations from scratch.

The most suitable production method will largely depend on the product/s you want to make, whether you have the know-how to develop your product formulations yourself and how quickly you need to get your products to market.

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